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Ex-DEA agent Phil Broker (Jason Statham) decides to start a new life in a small town after he feels his daughter’s (Izabela Vidovic) and his life in danger after his last undercover job has a less than ideal ending.  It’s too bad that small towns can be dangerous too.

Finding himself tangled up with a local drug lord, Gator (James Franco) who has high aspirations and few inhibitions, Phil must defend his home and family.  Also with Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth.

The film begins with an undercover action scene that is sadly one of the best parts of the film, despite a ridiculously wigged Statham who looks more like Tommy Wissou than the action star we all know and love.  Despite a high octane start, however, the film spins its wheels afterwards for quite a while before sort of snapping into gear near the end.

There is a lot to be entertained by sprinkled throughout – mostly James Franco who is channeling Breaking Bad via his Spring Breakers‘ “Alien.”  It’s obvious that this action movie centered around meth dealers was timed to attempt to piggy back off of the successful AMC show.  Though I have not watched the show, I am quite sure that it is better in every way than this mindless flick.

Yes the confrontations between Statham and Franco are pretty great, as far as film star confrontations go, but that is pretty much all this movie has going for it.  It teases a deadly MacGyver element that never really comes to fruition.  It introduces a romantic tangent that gets mostly ignored.  It has Statham grumbling and acting intimidating more often than he actually does anything about it.  The plot relies on extremely unlikely scenarios, chance, stupidity, and ignored holes to move forward.  Overall, the story just feels lazy and contrived to push things forward half the time, despite some top notch performances by actors trying to do something with what little they have to work with here.

Was I entertained?  Yes, but I can think of a dozen other things I would have rather been entertained by.  It’s rather forgettable and the ending is not nearly as satisfying as it could have been.  It is a more or less uncreative shoot-em up revenge type flick that doesn’t have the charisma or ridiculously awesome action required to make up for the general lack of everything else.

Mrs. Hamster says:

“This movie should be called Jason Statham vs. angry rednecks with drugs.”

My rating: Two out of five hats



Homefront defends 2,572 theaters November 27