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 This looks like one creepy movie!  If you like scary films, this is the one for you.  Want to see it before everyone else, and for free?  I’ve got your passes right here!

Screening Details:
Wednesday, April 9
7:00 pm
Regal Gallery Place, DC

A woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon.

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  • Todd711

    The first Alien scared me the most but I was only 10 when I saw it.

  • Netta C.

    This movie looks really good. Looking forward to being scared, hahaha.

  • Fernando Merchan

    The movie looks really. WWE has made some pretty decent scary movies and I’m not saying this because I am a fan of the WWE!. Myself plus 1

  • ErikaT

    The scariest movie I’ve ever seen… Probably Poltergeist at the time.

  • MingoValentino

    The scariest movie I’ve ever seen is The Exocrist

  • LaShandaTaylor

    The first Blair Witch Project.

  • Ju-On

  • Coral Colón Muñiz

    I think that paranormal activity freaked me out a bit

  • brianpayne

    looks like an interesting movie!

  • Ron G

    Like spooky films

  • Dan Gonzalez

    Scariest movie is The Exorcist. The most disturbing to me was The Serpent and the Rainbow.

  • AngelS

    I love scary movies. This is right up my alley.

  • Neal Long

    My favorite scary movie is Poltergeist, “tell her to stay away from the light.” I still remember it vividly, though its been thirty years.

  • claudiaayatestimmons

    I can’t wait to see this one.

  • Jean Bryant

    Suspense movies are the scariest, for example, Sleeping with the Enemy.

  • LacyMB

    Loved Karen Gillan on “Doctor Who” – am excited to see her get a big screen movie role!

  • Shelene Young

    The scariest movie that I’ve ever seen be the first one I’ve ever seen. I was really young when my older brothers showed me this movie. I must have been about 3 or 4 years old but I will always remember it. Trilogy of Terror!!!

  • Ayana Aquila

    One of the scariest films I’ve seen is Jacobs Ladder. Deeply moving yet chilling film! Another would have to be Insidious. Nothing more scary than smiling faces in the dark…

  • Mariama

    One of the scariest films I’ve have ever seen is Amityville Horror. The whole based on true events freaks me out even though it was said to not be true!

  • sharese

    Hills have eyes #1 might be the scariest movie i’ve ever seen

  • carolina

    My husband wants to see this

  • carolina

    Probably nightmare on Elm Street.

  • sassyonemd

    Trilogy of Terror!!!

  • Courtney Hetland

    Stephen King’s It

  • Chris

    LOVE horror movies, so glad this one for the R rating!

  • Oscar Brunno

    One of the scariest would have to be… the “Lights Out” short film. Best film I’ve seen that actually creeped me out haha

  • Wing F. Woo

    let me know ???

  • Cristina Mendez

    The scariest Movie I have ever seen was the Grudge.

  • Maggie Jean

    I don’t think I could sit though the Omen but a more recent is The Korean version of The Grudge

  • Nyeli Cortes

    Hills have eyes… might be the scariest movie I’ve been

  • Kahlil Malik Law

    Jeepers Creepers

  • Sascha

    The omen is one of the scariest movies I’ve ever seen.

  • monica

    The Entity

  • jbreitsc

    Then Omen

  • AnitialDeez

    Paranormal Activity 1 Screening

  • Ash Bash

    The Final Destination series was pretty good

  • Erica B

    Cant wait to see this! Anxious!