• hellokittypanda

    I hope i win ..i want to see this so bad ^_^

  • sassyonemd

    One of my favorite Tolkein Dwarf is Dis.

  • Kromeklia Bryant

    I like Bofur

  • djcelts

    See you on Monday

  • Pirate Jenny

    Gimli, son of Gloin…but that might be irrelevant. 😉

  • Rob

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Mark Stevens

    Thorin Oakenshield

  • jimi jack black

    Is this the Golden Ticket? Only time will tell.

  • Ashanthi Kiridena

    Would love to win tickets

  • jane doris

    Dying to see this!!!!

  • PapoRod

    i like bilbo baggins of course!!

  • PapoRod

    I like bilbo baggins of course!!!

  • Asher Groeschler


  • Jade

    My favorite Tolkein dwarf is Thorin Oakenshield!

  • Zack Balkus

    Thorin, definitely.

  • Bernard E. Thompson

    Love those Hobbits!

  • disqus_B0QuQQWsIt


  • Diane Williams

    Thorin and Gimli

  • Ja Ja Mila Jordan


  • hellokittypanda

    i really hope i win i love bilbo and smeagol of course ^_^

  • Randolph


  • Michael Esmeralda


  • Gimli

  • James Douglass Haley

    Bilbo & Thorin

  • Will Thomas


  • jbreitsc


  • Angel

    My favorite’s Thorin Oakenshield. I hope I win!!!!!

  • TJ

    Bofur is my fav dwarf