My name is Hamilton Whitney, and I am the founder of FilmHamster.  Back in 2010 I started an experimental blog where I wrote one hundred movie reviews over the course of the year – every movie, both new and old, that I watched in that year.

In 2011 I became an editor for one of the top Hunger Games fansites, MyHungerGames which has been a great experience as I write news and opinion articles about the franchise, with a focus on the film aspects.  I was able to attend the Hunger Games premiere and got my first taste of Hollywood up close.

During 2012 I had the opportunity to write some movie reviews for MovieGallery, local site filmsforthewin, and do a guest post for NECA.  For various reasons, continuing to write for those sites just didn’t work out and I decided what I really wanted to do was create a place where I could freely write film reviews and share my own opinions and ideas.  FilmHamster was born and officially launched January of 2013.  In June I was accepted into The Washington DC Area Film Critics Association.

I currently live with Mrs. Hamster and Little Hamster in the DC area, along with our cat, whose claws and teeth we spend a good amount of time avoiding.

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