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Film Hamster - Movie reviews and more from a rodent with delusions of grandeur.

Review – This is Where I Leave You

This is Where I Leave You Poster
When Judd Altman (Jason Bateman) catches his wife (Kathryn Hahn) in bed with his shock jock boss (Dax Shepard) it’s only the start of his life going down hill.  When his father dies unexpectedly, Judd finds himself trapped sitting Shiva for seven days with the rest of his dysfunctional family.  Also starring Tina Fey, Timothy Olyphant, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Cory Stoll, and Jane Fonda.

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Review – Last Days in Vietnam

Last Days in Vietnam Poster
As the end of the Vietnam War draws near, it figuratively and literally descends upon Saigon.  The remnants of the US presence still there face confusion and moral dilemmas as evacuation is imminent.  No longer just visitors, many Americans at this point call Vietnam, to a degree, home, having grown close to the people there.  It seems, though, that there may only be room for US citizens to take part in an eleventh hour evacuation.

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Review – The Longest Week

The Longest Week Poster

Conrad Valmont (Jason Bateman) was born with the proverbial silver spoon already in his mouth.  The son of the owners of one of New York’s most luxurious hotels, he is destined for a life of leisure.  Raised by the hotel staff in the lap of luxury while his parents trot the globe – a venture they embarked upon while he was still quite young – Conrad is now in his late 30’s, still living the same life, still hoping his parents return one day.  When Mr. and Mrs. Valmont come to a sudden realization that they can no longer stand one another and want a divorce, poor Conrad is cut off, suddenly left penniless, homeless, and continually senseless.

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Review – Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising PosterJohn Chapman (Michael Jai White) is an all-around bad ass.  An ex marine suffering from PTSD, the only enemy he can’t seem to defeat is his own mind. When his sister (Laila Ali) turns up left for dead in the Brazilian slum where she was doing social work, he pushes his own demons aside to hunt down hers.  Neal McDounough and Lateef Crowder also appear in this martial arts actioner.

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Review – Thunder and the House of Magic

Thunder and the House of Magic Poster

Thunder (voiced by Murray Blue) is a little orange kitten abandoned on the side of the road – perhaps by owners who can’t afford pets any longer due to the economy.  Just looking for a safe place to stay, Thunder wanders into an eccentric old mansion populated by cantankerous Aussie-voiced rabbit, a mischievous mouse, a couple of love birds (literally), and a slew of marvelous mechanical creatures.  They are all pets and creations of Lawrence (Doug Stone), an elderly magician who just wants to make children happy.  Some of these inhabitants are more eager to accept Thunder into the family than others.

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Review – Innocence

Innocence Poster
After losing her mother, Beckett (Sophie Curtis) moves with her now widowed father (Linus Roache) to New York City to start a new life.  Part of that new life is transferring to the prestigious Hamilton School, a private institute with a long history.  Just how long, and private, that history is though, will prove to be deadly discoveries.  Kelly Reilly and Stephanie March also appear.

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Review – The Calling

The Calling Poster

Hazel (Susan Sarandon) is a small town detective north of the border.  When a beloved older citizen is mysteriously murdered, Hazel is convinced that there is something much bigger and darker going on.  With the help of a green transfer from Toronto (Topher Grace) she sets out to uncover some answers.  Also featuring Donald Sutherland, Ellen Burstyn, and Christopher Heyerdahl.

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