Review – Hardcore Henry

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According to the reliable source that is Urban Dictionary, the phrase “balls to the wall” comes from the act of pushing a throttle – often in an airplane – as far forward as possible, accelerating quickly to maximum speed.  In modern nomenclature it tends to just refer to something being non-stop action to an insane degree.  Henceforth it will just mean “like Hardcore Henry.”

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Trump to Censor Foreign Films


Update:  Just in case you didn’t figure it out, this was thankfully an April Fool’s joke!  I wouldn’t put it past him though…  :-/

I don’t usually get involved in politics, but this is too important to ignore, and I know it’s relevant to my readers.  In his latest interview in Bloomberg, presidential candidate, Donald Trump has made a campaign promise that will affect all lovers of cinema in this country, should it come to pass.

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Review – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

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It’s a movie that comic book fans have longed dreamed of.  It never seemed like it would happen.  But it has.  The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel together in one movie as enemies.  Massively hyped by the studio and looked upon with massive trepidation by the fans, there’s one thing it seems everyone can agree on – it’s massive.

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Review: Allegiant

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Recently I saw a video featuring a woman who had (somehow) never seen a Star Wars movie.  With a few glasses of wine and prompting from her boyfriend, she proceeded to recap all of A New Hope to the best of her abilities based only on what she had picked up on over the years.  It’s a rather painful experience to watch as she gets some of the names and basic ideas right but pretty much everything else very very wrong.  It’s like the result of a very long and confusing game of telephone.  I can only surmise that the screenwriters of Allegiant utilized a similar method.

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