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Movie reviews and more from a rodent with delusions of grandeur.

Film Hamster - Movie reviews and more from a rodent with delusions of grandeur.

Review – McFarland, USA

McFarland USA PosterJim White (Kevin Costner) is a high school football coach with a stubborn streak and short fuse.  Despite his best intentions, those traits have gotten him in trouble one too many times and he’s burnt too many bridges.  Forced to find a new job after an unfortunate incident, his choices are limited.  Moving his family with him, he takes a job at the one place that will have him – McFarland.

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Review – Kung Fu Elliot

Kung Fu Elliot Poster

Elliot “White Lightning” Scott has a dream.  With multiple martial arts titles, Japanese heritage, an Asian woman at his side, and a passion for both film making and Asian culture,  he is determined to become Canada’s Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan.  After such low budget local hits like They Killed my Cat, he and his partner Linda are deep into production of their most ambitious film yet: A Karate epic called Blood Fight.  Winner of “best documentary feature” at Slamdance 2014.  

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15 Reasons why 2015 is Going to be Giant at the Box Office

People are just not going to the movies as much as they used to.  With bigger, better, and cheaper options at home, 2014 had the lowest number of movie tickets sold since 1995.  That’s in the past now though.  As we begin the 2015 movie season there is a ridiculously large number of films that are all but guaranteed to draw the crowds to the theaters like nobody’s business.

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